dear BOMBAY,

(excerpt from my recently completed book)

12:24 am

thursday ,august 18

man did i reach Bombay, so the romance hit the fan that was already covered in all the shit that the monkey was throwing at it. the romance hit the fan when i reached bombay for her! 

so when i got to bombay i went instead to thane, my nana and nani’s house(grand parents mom side). Their bldgs staircase, what a view, inhale and exhale the blue smoke. clicked some of my best pictures here in rabodi-thane. jumped on train to Dadar carrying three bags, heart-felt alone , but boy was I inhaling the mean lean city into my very blood stream. switched from the central line to the western line at dadar’s ever so insufficiently marked overhead bridge that was crowded with all of bombay it seemed! this huge python of ppl shuffling on, train to jogeshwari, stayed at cha cha’s (dads bro) what a contrast this amruthnagar , after all the places i have been on this trip this muslim majority colony was in sharp contrast.

next stop MALAD, met the FAT stayed at fats place.malad – bombay – marwae. i was fine i knew how to get to colaba via churchgate. and my love for bandra and all its craziness and my “abnormal” bunny who stayed at its “pali hill” lead to a daily usage of the local trains . i travelled so much thisast week in bombay . that rite off the top of my head today i can tell u the stations from malad to bandra , (“she”  got confused) malad – goregaon – jogeshwari – ville parle – santa cruz – khar road – bandra! the girl on pali hill was just a “friend” now !

palladium – wow reminds me of dubai’s love obsession  with mad shopping malls!

rishi’s home! hahaha love that bastard! man the guy is so mature and exposed and knows what he is talking about! still sadness prevails ! he has BOMBAY stamped on his white forehead.

old monk RS 95 ,well fuck u fat and just get me two ! god knows this city is making me need it!

downloaded the map of bombay cause i need to know where i am in the grand scheme of things ! i experinced this city! i lived everywhere BANDRA -PALI HILL,parel,andheri -lokandwala, andheri -samarkand,jogeshwari -amruthnagar, MALAD-MARWAE, thane-  rabodi,

bandra is beautiful, but truly it is a world in itself ,bandra likes to belive it is a self-sufficient place. its pretty like marwae, but u see marwae is more secluded and quiet, while bandra still maintains the hustle and bustle along with all of its posh living, and my own need to live in bandra,it comes with a drawback,a evil-trade-off if u may! it comes with an attitude! it comes with an air.|east or west bandra is the best| 

the thing i realized in bombay this time is that u just can’t learn or even say you experienced bombay in the day in ,day out life of a student ! FAIL ! you need to go everywhere, see its marvellous breasts and see its ugly corns and boils! but to truly understand bombay u need to arrive with “hardly any cash” and “pain”. for then my friend u have arrived in this colossal city much like the millions each year! and that’s how i reached, and the sheer “bombayness” of bombay for lack of any other adjective that would fit. picked me up and embraced me in its bosom that’s covered in grime,sweat,sex,rain,her,and the smell of failure and success! she picked me up in her total madness and there i found my peace in this masqarade of crazy i saw her peace.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          love  smeagol


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