touring bombay , alone!

just india : so alone, and at pali hill, rick to mount marry , underneath the steps , opp old cafe goa RS100 , auto to juhu chowpatty,

couldn’t find the company i was seeking ,bought a conch ! walked through the people , took off my chapals held them in my left hand held the corn on the cob in  my right and just waded into the water, thinking bout how many ppl came here to feel like they were not “here”

walked , entered mocha opp to juhu chowpatty, sat alone and ordered some desert wine, the wine was marvellous, and the ambience to the place apt and in synch with the prices, but not a place to be alone, there were diwans filled with cute couples everywhere, stared at them hated them ! gave them the evil eye! wait u may be all fine and holding on to each others hand but soon something will go wrong and you will walk bombay alone ! bombay tends to make love hard !pali nakka , DA VINCI’S its martini month rs 250 only , perfect, here i can sit alone , those cumbersome couples are only sitting inside in the ac, so im free to sit alone on my table with my blueberry cheesecake and my chain-smoking !

she dint want me there that evening , but bombay is a city discovered alone! why u ask ! pretty fucking simple cause there is so much loneliness everywhere!

stay here if u career mad! come to bombay only if u ready for some cut-throat-crazy-competition-hard work and no warmth! u see if u lived here all ur life then u fine, u the same as any one anywhere else, u have ur mad awesome life!

but if u intend to shift here for work u got to be able to survive alone ! for this mad city will consume everything that you would have the leisure of knowing anywhere else in the world , but the city does it with a grace that is its own!

very few people can live in bombay and not become bombay! for once you have become bombay then you are a part of this and only a massive surgery will ever be able to amputate the bombay from you and still leave you breathing , for you may just collapse and die if u leave once bombay has done her magic and made you one of her dah-ling work ants!



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