my , sister writes in a fantasy class mag

like i said i rant bout randomness always,

this article was written by my sis , for a project magazine in class,

and this just struck me with some simple , beauty inside,,

Advice corner with R n S.

Every teenager has questions which need’s to be answered!!! We are teenager’s just like you…..and we are here as  the answer to your problems. We answer to any types of question’s which have been stuck in your minds for a long time.

-Xoxo  R n S

dear R n S,

I have a problem. I want my hair to grow thick and long. Can you suggest some remedies other than hair oil?

-wants better hair

Dear wants better hair,

Ok so you want long and thick hair…….dont they have shampoos for that these days?? Joking J we would recommend applying egg mixed with youghurt. Egg has the proteins and calcium which makes you hair strong, while youghurt makes you hair shiny. you can apply hair mehndi  too. We hope to see a difference in your hair.

-Xoxo R n S

Dear R n S,

How do I prepare for the exams properly without any distractions and quickly?

-preparing for exam’s

Dear preparing for exam’s,

This is a very good question because our exams are nearing and everyone has to prepare. You could start by stop watching Television and using the laptop. You should pay more attention in class. Set up a time table and have more study hours. Sit in a quiet place where you wont be distracted easily. If you want to finish quickly, read the lesson twice and solve the exercises on your own. hope our advice helps.

-Xoxo R n S

Dear R n S,

My best friend became close to this other friend I have and now she hangs out with her and ignores me XC . Please help me out?


Dear anonymous,

Well dont worry if you follow our advice your friend will be back to you in no time. You should try talking to your friend and explaining to her exactly how you feel or you can try talking to the other  friend she became close to and sort things out. Orelse you can hang out with your other friends and ignore this friend, she will automatically feel like your ignoring her and talk to you. Don’t worry you will get your friend back, ‘don’t worry be happy’.

-Xoxo R n S


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