Fat’s 1st post…. like it matters…. even though i had the time before, i never bothered to write anything because of laziness. I guess i am writing now because i’m seriously bored… never felt so wasted in life… being jobless can make you do things you won’t even think of doing… example : nothing. Sigur Ros – hoppipola is playing on my mind right now… i go to i tunes, scroll up and down, randomly double click and now I’m listening to Symphony No. 7, Op. 92 – Allegretto…. suuuuuuuuuurrreeeee…. always consider this as one of the best tracks for the opening / closing credits of a movie… it’s dark in a cute way… like something is about to happen, like a deep breath before the plunge. By the way smeagol, the marve house looks quite muqammal. 2nd example boredom will make you do that you won’t think of doing – watch chick flicks. 9GAG….. that motherfucking website is one addiction… my friends and i make meme faces… it has actually become… even while acting my expressions were meme expressions (specially the “i see what you did there meme” or the suuureee face”). There are some really funny stuff there… 3rd example boredom will make you do that you won’t think of doing – stalk on facebook. As soon as i start working again the first thing i’ll do is deactivate my fb account – suuuuuuuurrrrreeee. Oh smeagol i never thanked you for creating a blog… so domo arigato. Motorcycle diaries soundtrack is what my itunes chooses to play… that movie made me realize that there is a Che Guevara in all of us, it’s just a matter of taking the next step… right or wrong… that’s our choice. Whoever reads this should write a reply of one thing that boredom makes you do that you never thought you would do… and whoever reads our blog (besides smeagol) is either on a vacation or is really bored in life, if it’s none… then you really need to get your face out of the computer. Chris Isaak – Wicked Game.

Fat out.


One comment

  1. noooooooooo wait , dont judge, it aint like fat is liking his own post , cus he aint, its SMeagol liking fat’s post lol , awesome shiiiiiat fat, i belive u mite be one of em few to take BLAH as a topic and make me laugh,
    wen im bored , -watch porn- watch pscyh – make popcorn – watch porn


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