The twisted world we live in ……

So twisted are our times,that even I cant conceive to understand it although I am one that belongs to this time.

So twisted are our times that it is normal to put up FB status and personal messages about how you missed someone who passed away, or give condolences on their passing away, and that everyone readily seems to ignore the fact that the dead cannot access FB or your BB.

Everyone readily ignores the fact that the only reason one would put a status of the sort is for attention and the “oo”s ,”aahh”s and comments of the folk. Its almost as if they actually believe that by posting something on a “social networking” site somehow indicates that you do in fact care about the dead!

Someone I kind of knew passed away some time ago, and as the news spread if the persons death, their FB wall was bombarded with messages of the sort :

  • “I miss you Harsh. ♥ Somehow, whereever you are, however you are, let me know you’re okay. Okay?
    I love you so much.”
  • “Goodbye my friend.
    I shall see you again
    In heaven where the stars stay.
    I will be there one day.
    The world isn’t the same,Since the day the angels came.
    You maybe on a star,But I love you wherever you are.”
  • I’m trying reaallly hard to believe but I can’t =/ I can still remember all those great times we had and all the memories from the park and and..
    God, I really wish this wasn’t true =\

It goes on with several posts of the same flow….

I mean if you in fact wanted to get in touch with the dead, staring into the sky and talking to them , or visiting the pyre of the dead in Japan, the wall of wailing, the grave would get you the same or maybe better results, I mean do not get me wrong and consider me a insensitive prick but FACEBOOK IS NOT A CHANNEL TO CONNECT to the dead. Its just a channel for fake people to display their need for attention and to show that they care in some way or the other. Keywords in my previous sentence being “FAKE”, “ATTENTION” and “SHOW”

the redundancy of posting a message on facebook addressed to the dead is killing me with ironical laughter.


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