Self Conditioning Humans.

So if you have stumbled upon this post in the middle of your day at work, or college …. you know your daily grind… whatever it may be… then take a second to simply clear your head… you can do this by simply thinking about clearing your mind for even just 2 seconds … I find this to help much more than any other methods.. and you actually might quite agree. Since you may notice that you are already paying a lot more attention to the words I have typed here then when you started reading this post … ok so now read on…….(Some of you might say “i see what you did there…”)

So think about whether your college life turned out exactly as you expected it to have… a lot of you including myself will here say “Yeah it actually did turn out to be pretty fucking awesome”. Pause ,So then think really … really … really did it turn out to be as awesome as you expected it to be …………. now again most of you will say, including myself “Yeah! Actually college life did turn out to be pretty fucking awesome …. okay… now wait a second……and then ask yourself honestly this question ….

“Did college turn out to be as fucking exactly as 16 year old you imagined it to be ?” …. think for a second… read the question again and now …… well some of you , including myself would say ” Well now that you point it out and have pestered me, it did not turn out to be exactly as 16 year old me, expected it to be” But that is Ok because current Me is still happy with my college life…….

This is conditioning caused by facing the realities out there that the 16 year old you had not faced, we now actually truly accept and believe that something is just amazing, even though a earlier version of us would have never agreed so. Because he or she had set  higher standards of how everything would eventually turn out to be …. Eventually those standards have to crumble and re-evaluate their position. This happens to all of us including myself.

But only some of you will actually admit it to yourself at the end of this post … the rest of you will say “No! Everything turned out exactly as I expected it would have.” effectively conditioning themselves to be OK with the way things have turned out. I am not saying its “not ok” to be OK with the way things turned out in college, I am more than OK with it. But the sooner we are able to admit it to ourselves that we do unconsciously condition ourselves … the sooner we will be able to stop conditioning ourselves negatively in certain aspects of our life… like relationships, family, friends, work, career.

We sometimes unconsciously, negatively condition ourselves each day in these fields ….

im just saying …. monkey.

PS: Do you now realize that if I had stopped writing this post at the part where I told you that you conditioned yourself to believe that college was better for you then it actually really was … you would have more than likely disagreed with my view point because your mind would not accept my viewpoint because it would unconsciously condition itself so as to be happy with the way things actually turned out.


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