Cantankerous, Repugnant, Detestable, Filthy



Twink. Twink the star fell from the blessed heavens. Twink crashed with absolutely no noise. Twink crashed in a huge lake. No one ever saw Twink the star after that.

There was a time when Twink was not falling towards this lake … when Twink was home. But just before Twink crashed into the lake and all the lights went out forever she tried to remember such a time. A time when she was not falling… it was really hard. It seemed to exist in this long lost version of time.


Gip. Gip was a cockroach. Gip had lived his entire life. All 195 of what we refer to as “Days”. The other roachs told him that he had about 5 more of those if he was lucky … He did not care much for even a single more of those.
He tried to look back to a time when he did look forward to anyone of those. Those days. He strained his thoughts and was able to recall a time when he did.
He was young then .. smaller. It took him longer to scuttle across kitchen tiles then. It use to be harder to sense the filth with his antennae  then.
He remembered the time when he had been in love. He remembered how only when he was in love did it ever seem that he looked forward to the next day.
But he remembered how he had fucked it up. Yes today, 195 days old he knew that it was his fault. He had always been a creep. He had always had the most weirdest of thoughts that none of the other roaches seemed to have. Dark morbid thoughts.
But she…. she would listen. Yes she would have listened. But how could Gip tell her. How could Gip tell her what he thought about? What if she saw across all his legs and decided he was repugnant and walked away.
So he pushed her way, he did… and he remembers that fateful day they had that huge fight and she huffed and scuttled across the kitchen floor when it had happened….
Gip knew now that he was responsible for her demise.

Ssip. Ssip was a flower. But not a pretty flower mind you. She grew out of a parasite of a plant. She was a dark brown flower… in which purple and deep shades of blue had been thrown in. Almost nobody stopped to smell her ever. No bee ever buzzed about her. She was not pretty in the conventional sense you see.
But Ssip, was now getting old. She was close to the end of her tired days. All she looked forward to now each and every day was writhing  away. She was tired. She knew that she was responsible for her own faith. She knew that the reason she looked so bad was because when she was a young bud, she was so detestably different. All she wanted to do was hate. She never did feel the need to love. Her parents tried to explain to Ssip that there was no force as powerful as love. But she hated them, and she knows that her hate killed them. She had learnt that just as love is  a powerful force, an even darker and more powerful force is hate. Hate had given her this color. Hate had kept all the bees away from her. Hate had bought her to the end of her days, alone. Never to have known love, never to have had a bud.
All that Ssip could do these days is remember that day… the day the woman with the succulent blue eyes stopped by Ssip. She held Ssip in between her soft fingers… she bought Ssip close to her nose and inhaled… and she seemed to be pleased. Ssip could have sworn the exhale of that breath bathed her in “Love”.


Dips. Dips was a spider. When he was young he had made the best of mates. The both of them had the most hairiest of legs. “Hairy scary” they were called by the elder spiders. They would jump together and manage to scare away the most biggest of those humans. Dips could always sense which of the humans would scare and which would not. His mate was not all that good at telling the difference.
Dips had learnt that those who were not all that scared of his ugly hairy legs and his many eyes.. tend to be the ones he felt attracted to. They seemed to remind him of the inexplicable darkness he had in his heart. But for his mate Dips would have succumbed to it. Succumbed to it much earlier than he did that is.
But like I said his mate was not too good at telling which humans would not get scarred easily. This led to his demise. The one single event that had changed Dips life from one where there seemed to be light to one of darkness.
His mate had found this target.. in the kitchen of this house on the ground floor. Dips mate decided to scare him! So as to get Dips to laugh. He was way out on the kitchen counter when it happened. Dips had just got down from the cabinet and sensed this boy would not scare easily! He was about to warn his mate when his mate sprung on the boys right hand.
The boy without skipping a beat smacked his left hand on top of his right … instantly ending Dips mates existence.
Dip froze… and fell…while falling he felt his heart go cold.. it turned it did… and he fell right next to the boys hand.
The boy looked at Dip and decided to imprison him in a glass aquarium. This boy was cold. Dips could sense it. Dip did not really mind the aquarium, it was big enough for him and the boy fed him appropriately. But there was something inside of this boy that Dips felt was inside of himself too.
He would stare at the boy’s dark epty eyes, curly-wavy hair and skinny frame. Dips would try to figure out what had happened to this boy that he was so … so empty.
Dips died there in that aquarium. He only regretted losing the one friend he ever had. Over time Dips had grown fond of his captor … as is normally the case. But Dips felt that the reason for this was because he was like the captor in many inexplicable ways.
Dips died smiling though. He does not really know why he died smiling because he died as soon as the reason for the smile came into the boys room. All that he saw was this light enter the room, the light was beaming from this girl who entered the room holding the boy in a warm embrace, they fell on the bed just like that. When Dips tried to look closely at her he saw into her succulent blue eyes and then he felt the need to die. In the last instant of his life he realized he needed to leave that room for her to enter it.


Ria. Ria was a female human. She had the most succulent blue eyes you,me or any of the characters on this page have ever seen. Ria was kind. Ria was gentle. Ria was soft. Ria was strong. Ria was capable of a laughter that would challenge the stars in its serenity.
I will not tell you much about Ria, or her life. I will only tell you about one day in her life.
The day she fell in love. It was a beautiful day, the sun rose as it was suppose to and set as it was suppose to … they met in one of those so many different romantic or ordinary ways that lovers tend to meet. But that day when she was walking home she stopped by this rain water drain. She bent and held in her hands a flower.


disgust. Tusgsid. Tugsid was a male human. He had curly-wavy hair. He had a skinny frame. He had empty eyes. Tugsid had a cold heart.
I wont tell you much more about this cantankerous, repugnant, detestable and filthy person other than simply two days.

The day he fell in love with the one who was capable of bringing him light. It was a beautiful day, the sun rose as it was suppose to and set as it was suppose to … they met in one of those  romantic ordinary ways that lovers tend to meet. It was also the day he lost his pet spider.

And the day he fucked it all up .. his one chance at the really powerful force called love. It was a day much like others.. the birds flew in the sky, the dogs barked, the crow made whatever noise it is the crows make … is it a caaw? Anyways.. there had always been something inside of Tusgid. Something Disgusting. Maybe he just was not capable of such a pure and selfless emotion as love. Maybe its the way things were suppose to be .. but to ask the whys and why nots is not my purpose as the narrator of this story. He did what he always did, lets not get into the details .. but he lost her. He can almost remember the exact moment where he said that one line … that inevitably eventually lead to the end of their relationship.
He was walking through his house, screaming at her on the phone… and he said this sentence (dont bother with what it was) and then he stepped on a cockroach in the kitchen, with his bare feet.


At that moment light years away…… poor old Twink was dislodged from her home and started to fall.



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