The Time, My Abu…

Dancing in The Bombay Bronx up until 1:20 a.m. with Hava and Ferge, the two Dutch, twenty-year olds who were staying at my House, through Airbnb. Mad dancing, the kind where I manage to feel that my Ego leaves me. That kind of dancing.

The dancing we all four experienced that night in Goa-Club Cubana At One AM, Inside this tiny alcove the had been, literally been made into the side of the mountain. The mountain into which, on several beautiful, green, and stone mountain club that is Club Cubana. Hiral, Aishu, Rukimini and me. The four of us managed to find this alcove all to our own selfs. It was big enough to fit thirty to forty people on the party nights of the club cubana. So we danced that MAD DANCING.

Each of us took our own sweet territory in the alcove and performed mad animal dancing through which each managed to shake our egos of us in that spacey territory we each had to our own selves. Then we criss-crossed between one of the four of us each and let our egos battle this mad jumping and moving form of haunting madness yet undeniably BEAUTIFUL. 

We let ourselves deep into each other’s egos that night. The four of us did. In a hauntingly incredible night we became a permanent part of each others existence on this plain. No matter what we will forever in some way or the other have a affect on each other’s life through out each of us’s life on this dear planet. Even if we no longer even talk some day, we will still be connected due to that dance and the following night. 


I wish that I had known when we had met, just how great and important you are. Maybe then I would have known with what strength you walked into that room with glass walls. The strength with which you looked at me. The epitome of patience. Something kept me standing, I should have been in some hospital be in the basement of the lazy ward.

I did not believe when they told me there was no you left in you no more on that hospital bed. I asked him why those white men no longer wanted to help you. My insides thrashed against the warm branches that held me, keeping my inside from bursting. The held me together.

I starve for your warm embrace. Your soothing charm. Your beauty. I am but an ungrateful wanderer. 


“Question: What is Consciousness?

Answer: Consciousness refers to your individual awareness of your unique thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations and environment. Your conscious experiences are constantly shifting and changing. For example, in one moment you may be focused on reading this article. Your consciousness may then shift to the memory of a conversation you had earlier with a co-worker. Next, you might notice how uncomfortable your chair is or maybe you are mentally planning dinner.

This ever-shifting stream of thoughts can change dramatically from one moment to the next, but your experience of it seems smooth and effortless.”

The ocean. This is all I need … Forget the city, the city is wrong. I just wanna wrap myself in the ocean.
You are my friend, you are my best friend so would you please, come back for me?
You cant do this! You cant just give up!?
Life is hard and full of pain, and what not.
But we take it  ……
And we can do it, cause we have friends. And because we have each other.
There is enough ass-holes in the world… don’t be another one.
Just stand there till I leave, I want to remember this. I’ve never done it before….. had my heart broken.

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