Amira & Sam (2014)

“Beep Beep Boop”

The tiny blue square, flashed on the screen as the back-end of loaded.

I was watching the movie Amira & Sam (2014). This back from middle east USA soldier, four years service, and this Iraq refugee in New York. Her family had helped the Americans when they were in Iraq. Her Uncle had served with The Soldier in Iraq.

Do you do Facebook?
That’s too bad. Because I was thinking that if you did then maybe I would let you friend me.
Wow. I have to join a website, just for you to be friends with me?
No, its not the same. Its like I can look at all the things that you like and then you can look at all the things I like and then we can poke each other and
Oh. You didn’t say anything about poking. I didn’t know that Facebook was about poking.


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