Tibetan and Palestinian people.

It’s been a few years more than sixty, since both these conflicts begun.

China invaded Tibet and completely obliterated the country in 1950. Tibet as a country is no longer shown on world maps.

In 1948 Israel as a country was formed with the support of the winners of the World War II. Palestine underwent territorial surgery under what was to be a peaceful resolution and allotted Israel land to form a country. For the life of the eastern world’s understanding none can understand why Israel started to soon invade Palestine the country ever so violently. Today Palestine is no longer marked as a country on world maps.

Tibet and Palestine, why did we let it happen ? I mean what was the reason that the world kept quiet then when an entire nation, culture and people were being obliterated from our planet in Tibet? A peaceful people. Why didn’t anyone say anything then ? But support a so called war to find weapons of Mass Destruction led by a Chimp for a president fuelled by the billion dollar private industry of weapons manufacturing in USA.

pff4oWhy is it OK to send UAVs over Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan to missile targets with significant collateral damage in the form of body pieces of children being found? When none of us lifted a finger when Palestinian people were being invaded so forcefully that in a matter of a few years a family on Gaza soon finds itself living in camps in Israeli territory although the land is still where their ancestors made their home.

If the rest of human kind kept silent when China invaded Tibet and Israel invaded Palestine that simply means that we were OK with it. Whether “we” is India, Turkey, Kenya, UAE, Switzerland, Brazil or Russia. It simply means the rest of the planet was fine with these atrocities being committed. I say this for we are Humans. If we live in a time where we all work together and across boundaries then we have to watch out for each other and if we choose not to have the back of a people that means we are al-right with what is happening to them.

The people were al-right with what Hitler did to the Jewish people for a while. But then when he started doing other things people decided to put an end to him. They did. But why did they wait for so long. It seems like they too were OK with the atrocities that this short German complex evil human being was doing to other human beings. Is that the same that is happening now?

Have we forgotten the meaning of being a human being?

“Lord give me the power to change the things I can, the ability to accept those I can not change, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

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