Sony Leaks – Interesting finds…

Just an extended collection of things I found in the Sony Production leaks.

Brilliant Salaries in 2014…

RE: ASPIRE and Salary Review for George Rose

Re: George Rose – Discretionary Salary Review

Salary Discussion Tips sent to Amy Pascal. BTW this lady features up in a lot of messes here in Sony:

Handle Uncomfortable Salary Discussions

The next one sounds like something I have experienced and I am sure a lot of you have as well:

RE: SPE – Legal

The next section is where I found activity that exhibits just how wrong a Capitalistic form of market can reach. Much like in India, where the Corporations can manipulate the government.

The first one of course has to feature our favourite Amy Pascal:

Paul Krugman is RIGHT (cc: Obama Haters)

The next one features top Sony executive getting assigned a key administration role by being nominated by Obama. Thomas Rothman, Nominee for Member, National Council on the Arts:

Fwd: President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts

This one is confusing, because it seems like the person who is suppose to be the Most Powerful Man On Earth is asking for help from your favourite Amy Pascal:

President Obama Unlocks Match [TODAY]

This next piece I am really confused about. I am hoping it is some scam or fake story or even a script, because if it isn’t it indicates a very corrupt world where celebrities constantly pay various people bribes to maintain and attain their position in the world of fame. It claims that Di Caprio allegedly has a $20 Million fund, kept aside to pay Rape victims. Di Caprio allegedly paid bribes to policeman who interrogated him on names of his own rape victims.

corruption in doclce gabbana


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