Sony Leaks…

Sometime ago there was this huge attention to the vast amounts of data in the form of E-mails and other documents stolen from Sony Productions. You may have well heard of it. It was trending on Facebook and Twitter for a while. Since these two websites are the main channel for News that we use.

In any case Wiki-leaks, no matter their current state of affairs which is far from their Glory days, has compiled all the data stolen from the leak that has been floating about cyberspace. Oh, how I despise that word, cyberspace. Wiki-leaks has done us the favour of compiling it beautifully and very user friendly, you may access this via clicking on the word “Here”. Not the previous one but this one: HERE

Below I am just giving you some of the weirdest stuff that I managed to come across stumbling about this data while the Bombay monsoon raged outside.

I am dying to know what this one means?

Thx. Btw he’s in the US now
From: Venger, Leonard
To: Hallinan, Kathleen; Fukunaga, John; Strong, Ted
Cc: Weil, Leah
Sent: Tue Nov 19 16:45:44 2013
Subject: RE: Modi/BCCI/MSM
Leah, fyi.  Please also note that Andy cannot be extradited and at most could only be subjected to an interview in the US if proper procedures were followed. Andy should not travel to India until this is resolved. Also, I think Manjit was named and am not sure why a bail application would not be secured for him as well. Kathleen is checking on that. We should discuss all the issues and possible courses of action at our 1-1.

From: Hallinan, Kathleen
Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2013 4:33 PM
To: Venger, Leonard; Fukunaga, John; Strong, Ted
Subject: Modi/BCCI/MSM
Sanjay Kumar and Ashok met with senior counsel, Mr. Ponda.  Because of a Supreme Court decision that came down last week, Mr. Ponda thinks it is likely the police will file a First Information Report (FIR). The decision at issue seems to remove some of the police discretion and directs the police to file a FIR following a complaint.  Luthra has prepared and Mr. Ponda is revising an anticipatory bail application to protect Ashok and NP in the event they are arrested (which apparently is a possibility when an FIR is filed).  MSM has not seen what the BCCI submitted in response to the complaint.  He hopes to obtain a copy from the BCCI today.

From: Hallinan, Kathleen
To: Kaplan, Andy
Cc: Venger, Leonard
Sent: Sat Nov 23 14:20:45 2013
Subject: Fw: Privileged and Confidential/IPL
Andy, I don’t know if you have already received a similar update from Ashok or Manjit as that set forth below by outside counsel. Just in case, we wanted to let you know that MSM has now received a written inquiry from the police. The plan is for Ashok to submit written responses, but not appear in person due to the possibilty that he could be arrested and held for further questioning. Please let me know if you have any questions after reading the more dtailed update below.

This is well… just plain weird…

Yes!!!  Fantastic. Congrats.
On Dec 27, 2013, at 11:59 AM, “Pascal, Amy” <> wrote:
> Despite constipation starvation
> And cheating
> I lost 6 pounds first ten days
> !!!!!!!!

Umm… just WTF is this stuff? I mean who talks like that? Let alone actually type out a E-mail like that?

hey kidz
we about to shoot the music video for our 1st big single from our new album
the track’s called PITBULL TERRIER
keep it secret 
keep it safe
play it fuktup loud!!
so we funding the PITBULL TERRIER video ourselves (as usual)
our current budget is $50k
but this video is turning into a bit of a monster coz it’s so fucking cool
check out my mothafukn treatment below just 4 fun…
and if u into it…
lemme know if u kidz wud b in2 dropping an extra $20k in2 it!
and if into it we sumhow link this  PITBULL TERRIER music video to CHAPPIE if u want???…. 
(or maybe sumhow link it to our ZEF tv series…)
we down 4 any ideaz!!!
love u guyz 
buy 4 now!!!
ps: pleeeeez keep all this shit psycho secret!!!!
pppps: so fukn cool dat dis ZEF tv shit is all fkn happening!!!!4

Some of course are just awww moments…

I miss you come see me
Sent from my Sony Xperia Z2
> On Oct 3, 2014, at 7:39 PM, “Francine Maisler” wrote:
> How could anyone resist you
> !!!!!!
> Damn you are charming!
> xF


Re: You ROCK! Fuck yeah!
Your the cutest


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