Periodical Cicada, once every Seventeen years

“On the east North American coast, at night, after 17 years underground, the nymphs of the periodical cicada emerge from the soil and march to the nearest tree, to climb. Eventually over a billion swarm over the forest, the biggest insect emergence in the world. They invade the upper branches, climb out of their old skeletons, and assume their adult forms by revealing wings. By dawn they have completed their transformation. After an absence of 17 years, the forest is overrun by cicadas –the adults are clumsy and very edible. Turtles are other animals gorge themselves while they can. The cicadas have no defences, and almost offer themselves to their attackers. The predators fill to the point of bursting. Still the cicadas come and with the predators overwhelmed, the survivors mate and lay their eggs, which means their job is done, not to re-emerge for another 17 years. Having fed the predators, they leave one final gift – the nutrients of the generation are returned to the soil at once, a giant dose of fertilizer, maybe the largest natural dose in the world.”

They spend seventeen whole years underground. Alive. Sucking sap from trees roots. Literally the same sap they helped create by dying seventeen years ago and heavily nourishing the same trees. This is how the Cicada chose to live. Over the million or billion years of evolutions since we stepped out of water, this creature’s ancestors have roamed and stroamed the earth and finally chosen to live in this way. They spend seventeen years underground and only then chose to come out, a billion as one. They proceed to climb up, all the while being eaten, falling down and then being eaten, or almost walking into a mouth and being eaten. Those that survive shall mate and lay eggs and proceed to kindly float down to the forest floor and die. 

I can not imagine that for a second any of them thinks of only themselves. If they did they would not have reached to this state of living over the vast amounts of time that evolution consumed. They think, it seems to me, like a single organism. An organism that behaves like a tree, like Flora, but is in fact classified as Fauna.

It mirrors the super nice and friendly behaviour of Trees. It gives of its organism to animals, birds, insects etc. just as a tree gives itself and proceeds to go on living. It shall then die, this single organism and replenish the earth, just like a tree would do.

Through the same evolution that the Cicada went through, on the same planet, over the same vast amounts of time, over ancestors too evolved. They choose to think of themselves, eventually. Think of only their people, their families, their countries, their colour, their class, their cast, their Religion, their God. 

Of only themselves. This choice in the process of evolution, which I believe is a symptom of Creation, was necessary for the organism of Homo Sapiens to be possible.

The instinctive need to only think of ourselves, or the direct or in-direct growth or Family of organisms is inbred in the recipe of Humanity.


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