Human intelligence, Endangered?

“To understand the Origins of the Human Intelligence one would have to go back to the early Homo Sapiens. The first human ancestors who lived in coastal areas, consuming a lot of fish from the sea. Every human shares a genetic history that connects with these ancestors.
The human intelligence seems to have its birth with eating fish. When our ancestors started getting more Omega 3 fats in their diets, it allowed over vast amount of time for their brains to grow bigger. But it did not just grow bigger. There is something you do when you learn and its called myelination and this is the ability to insulate nerves in the brain. Myelin is made out of fat. When you eat enough fat its actually easier to learn because you have the raw building block to insulate the nerve. Essentially the consumption of fish fat was essential for the generations of humans to have the ability to learn and possess superior intelligence.”

Hermes Trismegistus, an ancient Greek philosopher had a famous axiom, which is summed up by the saying, As Above, So Below.

This principle on life suggests that the Macrocosms and the Microcosms are a reflection of each other.
What we see on a small scale will inevitably show up on the large scale and vice versa, over time.
With this in mind we need to look at the current state of our environment to understand what is happening in our own bodies and minds.

We have created this civilization (i.e. any complex society characterized by urban development, social stratification,… and a perceived separation from and domination over the natural environment.) that is so dependent on chemicals today, that it is actively both, polluting and overpowering our ecosystem and killing it’s members, including ourselves.

The average new born baby has 287 known chemicals in their umbilical cord blood, that is before they even take their first breath.

By the year 2050, air pollution is going to be the primary cause of death, it’s going to beat out some of the infectious diseases.

In my opinion its poetic almost, that the following conspires. The cause and effect of capitalism, being felt right back at its heart. Nature stands to be the only entity that is actually able to orchestrate such brutal justice.

NASA has been tracking a phenomena called the brown cloud, where the pollution over in Indonesia, India and China will rise up on the Dust storms and the jet streams travel over to United States and the region, in 7 days time. The pollution will be deposited on the Western Seaboard in the United States. If its not done there it will continue on across the entire United States. 

To understand the effect of our environment, the one we all created together lets look at something within ourselves.

The various Anti-Biotics (i.e Anti meaning against and Biotic meaning life) and toxins that we consume through unnatural medicines and foods, disrupts the delicate ecosystem within our guts. Specifically disrupting the Inner Tube Of LifeWithin this specific tube live bacteria. These are external organisms, that live symbiotically within us. Over the last seventy years the advance in medical dependence on artificial chemicals and the dependence on chemicals in our food chain have all but endangered these bacteria. This intern has various repercussions to one’s health but lets look specifically at it’s affect on our minds.

Serotonin is a neuro-transmitter that is responsible for making you happy. Most Anti-depressants target Serotonin, so does MDMA, 2-CB and various psychotropic substances. Serotonin itself comes from Tryptophans and Amino-acids that come from plants and bacteria. We need to ingest the tryptophans and it needs to get rooted to Serotonin so that we can utilize it for thought. But unfortunately this is a very sensitive process and if you have any toxins around the tryptophans can not be maintained. Effectively placing our higher thinking abilities under siege right now.
Things like forethought, judgement, impulse, control, organization, planning, empathy, learning from the mistakes you make are all results of this delicate ecosystem within your body functioning perfectly.

You wonder why so many people face depressions, are unable to form functional social relationships, have psychological problems like ADD, Dyslexia and so on.

According to various verified scientific reports, by the Year 2050 almost all of the ocean fish will have left our planet. In the last 100 years we have lost 90% of the fish species.

Not only will this mean the complete annihilation of several thousand smaller Ecosystems but the complete collapse of the Ecosystem that we are a part of. It will mean that the human species may no longer have fish oil to consume.”


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