Manoj Bajbayee Jee: Always gets assassinated at a Petrol Station.

We all have begun to really love Mr Manoj Bajbayee jee. Even though he looks like that and plays the villain character a lot. We love him because he is amazing at his job, he is a fucking amazing actor.
He is one of those overly under-rated actors in Bollywood. He has played everything and played them all marvellously well.

manojaasgangsaaabadslpUmm.. Mr. Manoj Bajbayee Jee, just a question then? Do you have a thing about being assassinated at Petrol Pumps?
In the 2013, Shootout At Wadala movie Manoj jee plays, Zubair Imtiaz Haksar. The head of the Muslim underworld in Dongri, his character is loosely based on real life Shabir Ibhraim Kaskar. I repeat loosely, this is Bollywood, and Sanjay Gupta.

Zubair Imtiaz Haksar meets his end at the hands of Manya Surve being played by John Abraham the central character of the movie. Where John Abraham’s portrayal of a power crazy Manya Surve. Someone of that name actually existed. Manya Surve, who became known as Mumbai Police’s first recorder case of encounter killing.

To stress how loosely Shootout At Wadala is based on real life, bear in mind Sunny Leone potrayed Chitra who apparently in real life was Shabir Ibrahim’s girlfriend.

In the movie version, Zubair – Manoj jee is assassinated by Manya and gang at a Petrol Pump.
In Gangs of Wasseypur 1, Manoj Jee plays Sardar Khan who also meets his end by being assassinated at a Petrol pump.

Its not just about dying at a Petrol Pump, he gets assassinated at a petrol pump each time by a gang of four or more guys. He does not go down easy either time. Just check out the scene sequence for both the movies below.

Shootout At Wadala

After getting stabbed by the entire gang, Zubair Khan makes a speech about being a Lion and a King.
Then he proceeds to get shot at by five guys.
They empty their Gun Magazines in him
It of course takes him a while to go down, because it is Manoj Bajpayee that’s why!!
Finally Zubair Khan does die.

Gangs Of Wasseypur One.

At the end of Gangs Of Wasseypur, Sardar Khan drives up to a petrol pump alone. In a curiously similar car to the one he was driving in Shootout At Lokandwala.
When, all of a sudden!
There are four men shooting at him like maniacs. They empty their gun magazines and ride away.
Because It is Manoj Bajpayee Jee! That’s Why.
All most as if to make sure you notice Anurag Kashyap jee makes sure you read that Manoj Jee is in fact at a Petrol Station, being assassinated.
Even after being shot at by the complete magazines of four guns, Manoj Jee stumbles on and finds a cart.
Only the shot fired by his pistol after he dropped it, an indication of his final breath, Revenge.

Manoj Jee please do tell us what is with playing characters that get assassinated at a petrol station.


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