Why we need more movies like Queen and Revolver Rani.

It is 2015, i.e fifteen years since we entered a new millennia. Yet today the  collective Indian consciousness still regards women in a stereotypical secondary role. That is secondary to her male partner.  Her Husband, her God.

   In a culture so dependent on Bollywood and Hindi TV shows. A culture that craves the heroes and heroines, the stereotypical portrayal of women is constantly shaping the youth’s perceptions of the women in their lives. The woman is constantly portrayed as a support for her Husband to achieve his dream and accomplishments. What about hers?

Traditionally in Bollywood, very few movies portraying a main Female protagonists have ever done well.
We have usually only had these almost superhuman, actually no not almost, these super human like male protagonists who seem to be able to do just about anything, no matter what the laws of science state. Making sure Indian males called each other Bhai and think they simply needed to take of their shirts to have women clinging on to their bodies for dear life, umm.. quite literally.
We need more amazing female protagonists doing what they want to do, achieving their dreams like Rani in the movie Queen(2014).

Queen did considerably amazing, with Domestic earning of INR 600 million and even went on to win several awards. Revolver Rani(2014) on the other hand, had an amazing premise, but admittedly could have done much better in the writing of the script itself. But still the premise the movie starts with is amazing. India needs more Alka Singhs and Ranis. The reason I have included Revolver Rani in this article is two-fold. Firstly the movie, despite a slightly flawed script was brilliantly carried by Kangana Ranaut‘s performance of the Revolver Rani, Alka Singh. The amazing speeches and flawless acting was breathtaking. Secondly ‘because it was played’ by Kangana Ranaut.

Something has to be said for the fact that Kangana Ranaut has now brilliantly established herself with that persona on screen. The persona of an Indian woman capable of actually doing what she wants to do. Two movies with that core premise, independent female protagonists, both doing what they wanted, both movies released the same year, both played by Kangana Ranaut.

Her spot on portrayal of the next door North Indian girl, who decides she isn’t going to let her marriage prospects dictate whether she gets to go on her dream European vacation. I mean look at her grasp that bag and tell me Indians do not grasp their bags like that. Rani in Queen

Her intentionally over the top, for satirical purposes, performance while playing Alka Singh, a violent powerful super rich North Indian politician. Who thinks she is in charge and fighting for the greater good, not realizing she was being manipulated by her uncle, a typical Indian political scenario.

The mention of Aung San Suu Kyi by the Revolver Rani in a speech where she is calling Aung San Suu her sister – comparing herself to Aung San Suu, is one of the answers to the question that I have used to title this article with. For those of you who do not know who Aung San Suu Kyi is;

She was elected in 1990 as the Prime Minister of Burma. The Burmese military, who have governed Burma since 1962, did not let her political party, the National League for Democracy join the government. Suu Kyi was arrested and forced to stay in her house. Since then she has brought democracy to her country using non-violence. Forbes listed her as the twenty sixth most powerful women in 2011.She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991(I was born in 91, for scale). In 1992, she was awarded the Jawaharlal Nehru peace prize by India for her culture of personality.

In fact India was so enthralled by her story, that in the north of India she is regarded as a hero, and the politicians love quoting her.

That’s why we need more of these movies. So that we start having more of our own real life Indian Aung San Suu. Share if you agree. 

There's something else I'd like to say. We woman are actually very unhappy creatures. It is very hard to survive as a woman. Why do women have to suffer this much? Isn't there another path for us? Is there a path at all? Who can truly answer this question?
There’s something else I’d like to say. We woman are actually very unhappy creatures. It is very hard to survive as a woman. Why do women have to suffer this much? Isn’t there another path for us? Is there a path at all? Who can truly answer this question?

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