Do you define your self by your profession?

What do you do?

” I am an Account executive in a Digital Advertising Agency.”

 Is that what I do? Is the job you choose what “you do”? It’s common place for an individual to define themselves by the profession they choose.

Why are we defining ourselves that way? Maybe it’s the question, I mean there is the use of an auxiliary verb in the question.

So what if we changed the question?

Who are you?

Answer that in your head, don’t think, just reach for the first answer to that question.

At least some of you, if not most, while framing the answer in your minds, thought along the profession track. Then noticed and stopped.

Is it wrong? Is it bad that we do that? I mean humans have been doing it for centuries right? In India some families took their businesses so seriously that their last names are actually an indication of what the family business was for generations. Mithaiwala (Person who sells sweets) and Daruwala ( Person who sells Alcohol) are actual Indian Family names.

Think about it for a second.

What do you do?

Does the answer to that define you? Do you feel comfortable with that answer defining you? Is that all you do in your current existence?

No, most of you may agree that there is a lot more to you then your profession right? You simply do a lot more then your profession.

So the next time some one asks you “what do you do?”
Give them a detailed answer about everything you do, the friends you spend time with, the family you love and cherish, the places you like to visit, the sights you like to see, the thoughts that you spend time thinking about and not just the title of the industry in which you practice your profession.


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