Easter Egg In Anurag Kashyap’s Gulaal.

We are guessing this was intentional given that the movie was directed by Anurag Kashyap Jee.

In the political movie Gulaal (2009),  a scene plays out between Dilip Kumar Singh and Anuja. They are in the living room of the house that has been completely designed and stocked by Rananjay ‘Ransa’ Singh, a London educated son of Old Indian Royalty. That have managed to hold on to their names, some wealth and titles.

One wall of this living room is a bar. The camera pans out over the bar as Anuja is taking in the bar, Bob Marley poster, Blue lights, Indian mix of western pop culture decorated room and asks Dilip
“Yahaa raheto ho tum?”
“Do you stay here?”

As the camera pans across the bar you see various Alcohol bottles, they all seem the “foreign liquor” variety. The Desi Foreign liquor.

The names of the bottles read out in this order

Gulaal Easteregg
Liberty (Premium Quality Beer)
Constitution (Whisky)
Put-in (Premium Russian Vodka)
Communist Manifesto
Colonial (Rum)
Capitalistic (Whisky)
Republic (Whisky)

Liberty constitution Put-in Communist Revolution Colonial Capitalistic Republic.

Mr. Anurag Kashyap Jee if this was your intention then give us a re-tweet 🙂

We ❤ you.

Gulaal Easter egg



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