The 18th Chapter by Nicole Viegas

A chapter’s ended,
But my story’s only just begun.
For so long, I’d pretended
That yesterday wasn’t done and gone.

Now I’ve finally awoken to see,
It’s only the 18th chapter, I read.
I’ve still got a whole book ahead,
With pages left to unfurl before me.

“Friends”, long gone,
Friends, a few stay,
Friends, new ones come along,
Memories of none fade.

But this,
I can’t begin to explain how dear this is to me.
And I can’t possibly be grateful enough for everything you have taught me.

I’ve learned and I’ve grown,
I’ve grown and I’ve learned,
The Fatsmeagol Collective in all its glory,
Will now and forever more remain Family.

So with every passing day,
I turn a page,
Looking forward to the future with hope,
Never once forgetting the experiences of yesterday.

Life as I know it goes on,
And with it; I go,
Piloting my life.
Seizing my Tomorrow.


Nicole Viegas

Talented AF, except she doesn’t seem to know it. An aspiring  and talented photographer, an incredible writer and a true people’s person – she is loved by almost everyone who knows her.
We fell in love with this Intern soon after we learnt she thought sapphires was spelt as S.O.P.H.I.A.S 🙂
We at TFC are surely going to miss you, Nicole. Do go on kicking ass and building amazing relationships like you have been doing here!


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